About Me

My name is Carol Bogezi and this is my professional site. I am currently working on some consulting contracts and seeking a full-time employment opportunity to apply my expertise to conservation program management and applied research. If you would like to connect with me, please email me at: cbogezi@gmail.com.

Research Interest

I earned my PhD in Environmental Science at the University of Washington’s School of Environment and Forest Sciences (SEFS). My Urban Ecology lab advisor Dr. John Marzluff secured a grant for the “Feasibility of a Wolf Economy” that formed the basis of my dissertation.

I perform interdisciplinary research on wildlife conservation issues integrating social, ecological, and geographic sciences. My dissertation focused on understanding human-carnivore interactions in Washington state, particularly wolves in the context of their recovery, and cougars in the context of their habitat and ranging needs overlap with human recreation and habitation.

Previously, I undertook ecological research on Crocodylus suchus in Kidepo National Park in northeast Uganda. This crocodile population was discovered at the easternmost extent of this subspecies’ range. I investigated the habitat occupancy within sub-basins in and around Kidepo.


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  2. Bogezi C., L. van Eeden, A. Wirsing, J. Marzluff (2019). Stakeholder perspectives on predator-friendly beef as an economic strategy for ranchers to better coexistence with wolves. Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution 7:476. doi: 10.3389/fevo.2019.00476.
  3. Bogezi, Carol (2018). Interactions between people and carnivores in Washington state. A PhD dissertation submitted to the University of Washington.
  4. Bogezi, Carol (2015). Distribution and status of Crocodylus suchus in and around Kidepo Valley National Park. MSc Thesis submitted to Makerere University, Kampala, Uganda.
  5. Bogezi, C., C. Gowan, J. Marzluff, A. Wirsing (2014). Tackling wolf management’s thorniest issue: the ecological and social complexities of lethal control. A panel white paper from a wolf discussion panel hosted by Pacific Wolf Coalition and University of Washington School of Environment and Forest Sciences.
  6. Plumptre, A., Mutungire, N., Mugabe, H., Kirunda B., Bogezi, C., Kityo, R., Behangana, M., Turyeigurira, J., and Prinsloo, S. (2009). Biodiversity surveys of Kabwoya Wildlife Reserve and Kaiso Tonya Community Conservation Area. A technical report submitted to Wildlife Conservation Society, Uganda.

Awards / Scholarships

Year Award Organization/Purpose
2018 UW Husky 100 Recognized as one of the University of Washington’s notable students.
2016 “Top 40 Women Under 40” Sunday Monitor newspaper, Uganda
2016 Environmental Leadership Prize Bullitt Foundation
2013 Wildlife Conservation Network Scholarship In support of PhD studies.
2011 Beinecke African Wildlife Scholarship Awarded by Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) to support PhD studies.
2009 Tropical Biology Association Scholarship In support of Master’s Degree studies at Makerere University.

Personal Interests

My interests include education, women’s empowerment, and community development particularly in Uganda. I serve as the President of Tusubira’s volunteer board.

Additionally, I serve on the board of Youth for Nature and am an academic mentor for International Peer Education on Climate Change (IPECC). I previously served on the board for Conservation Northwest.


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